15 Questions to Ask Your Elevator Expert Before Installation

Know what to ask your home elevator expert

An elevator purchase is a serious investment in your home and future, so it’s only natural you’ll have questions for your elevator dealer before the installation process starts. Knowing which questions you need to ask is essential: it’s not unusual for homeowners to forget to ask important questions.

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Why You Should Choose a Shaftless Elevator for Your Home

Choosing a Shaftless Home Elevator

A shaftless home elevator is a compact, stylish solution for people with mobility issues or homeowners who plan to age in place. The design of a shaftless elevator makes it an excellent choice for both new and existing homes. Installation is easy, and the elevator is convenient, safe, and customizable. Let’s explore the many features of a shaftless home elevator and why you should choose one for your home.

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5 Tips for Elevator Modernization in Your Home

Elevator Modernization

A custom elevator provides you with decades of service. Regular maintenance and inspections keep home elevators operating safely and efficiently for 35 to 45 years, and it’s not unusual to find well-maintained elevators still working well after fifty years of use. Even so, wear and tear do have an impact on mechanical parts and an elevator’s cosmetic appearance. When this happens, it’s time to consider elevator modernization.

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Elevator Plan: What is in an Elevator Design Guide?

Elderly Couple planning for home elevator

An elevator design guide, also known as a planning guide, is a document that contains the details necessary for the inclusion of an elevator into a construction project. Elevator planning guides are an essential step in the planning and construction process. While such guides primarily meet the needs of the architect and general contractor working on the project, guides provide everyone with valuable information on the standard and optional features of the elevator. A home elevator design guide allows homeowners to visualize their finished project and consider elements of elevator installation and use they might otherwise overlook.

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Can You Put an Elevator Outside?

Outdoor elevator

Residential elevators are popular solutions to mobility or aging-in-place issues, and most often installed in a home’s interior. Sometimes, however, home size, floor layout, or building structure make interior elevators impractical. You don’t have to give up on your dream of a home lift in such cases. Instead, you can install an outdoor home elevator.

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Why Choose an In-Home Elevator?

If you wish to stay in your home well into the future, the addition of an elevator may increase your peace of mind and provide a practical, long-term solution. Having a residential elevator installed can extend the useful life of your family home and create a means for safely accessing all floors of your living space.

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Planning Ahead with Home Elevator Installation

Home Elevator Planning for Future

Due to shrinking lot size, the popularity of multi-level single-family dwellings is increasing. Bungalows are losing ground to two- or even three-story dwellings. If you plan to build a new home, you may want to consider how to leverage your available space and plan for long-term viability. Often this includes accommodating the desire to age in place. Installing home elevators during construction offers you increased mobility and convenience now and in the future.

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