Can You Put an Elevator Outside?

Outdoor elevator

Older homes, or smaller houses, may not have the floor space necessary for an elevator shaft. Fortunately, there are several small elevators for home use on the market. The leader among them is the shaftless home elevator.

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Why Choose an In-Home Elevator?

If you wish to stay in your home well into the future, the addition of an elevator may increase your peace of mind and provide a practical, long-term solution. Having a residential elevator installed can extend the useful life of your family home and create a means for safely accessing all floors of your living space.

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Planning Ahead with Home Elevator Installation

Home Elevator Planning for Future

Due to shrinking lot size, the popularity of multi-level single-family dwellings is increasing. Bungalows are losing ground to two- or even three-story dwellings. If you plan to build a new home, you may want to consider how to leverage your available space and plan for long-term viability. Often this includes accommodating the desire to age in place. Installing home elevators during construction offers you increased mobility and convenience now and in the future.

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Everything You Need to Know about Home Elevator Installation

Work with a Symmetry Authorized Dealer to discuss your home elevator installation

Home elevators provide assistance to those with limited mobility, create ease of access between floors, and serve as a design element to enhance the beauty of your home. Whether your home elevator installation is for new or existing construction, you need to identify the optimum location for the elevator in consultation with an architect, builder, and elevator contractor. As you look for the best place to install a home elevator, consider these important factors.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Never Use a DIY Home Elevator Kit

Home Elevators are not DIY

“Can I build my own elevator?” is a question we hear quite often at Symmetry Elevators. After all, DIY home elevator kits are available on the market. You can find YouTube tutorials for almost anything, so why not indulge your inner handyperson and install an in-home elevator yourself?

DIY home elevators are, unfortunately, not a good idea. We’ve already discussed why home elevator kits are not do-it-yourself in the past. Here we’ll go into a little more detail about why you should never use a DIY elevator kit.

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Custom Luxury Elevators for Home Use

Custom Luxury Home Elevator

Customization of a home elevator encompasses everything from selecting the material type and finish for panels, car gates, and fixtures, to choosing flooring and lighting. Symmetry is masterful at creating custom elevators for homes designed and built to reflect your taste and complement your surroundings.

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