AIA Presentation Provided By Symmetry Elevating Solutions

AIA Presentation Provided By Symmetry Elevating Solutions

Target Audience:
Architects, specifiers, interior designers, owners and other design professionals. The program is basic and meets the needs of professionals at every experience level.

Facilitator Qualifications:
All Symmetry Elevating Solutions CES facilitators have been trained on CES guidelines and presentation skills. In addition, they receive continuous in-depth training in the field and are considered industry experts.

The CES facilitator utilizes a flash presentation to provide an in-depth overview of Vertical Wheelchair Lifts, Limited Use/Limited Application Elevators and Residential Elevators (depending on the specific course).

Course: AIASES101
Length: 1 Hour
Credits: 1 LU/HSW/SD
Title: ADA Design Standards and Applications for Wheelchair Lifts, Limited Use/Limited Application Elevators, and Residential Elevators.
Description: This course provides a detailed review of vertical wheelchair lifts, limited use/limited application elevators, and residential elevators. In addition the course addresses code application, specification and suitability of product type and the direct governance and guidelines of the ADA, ANSI, and ASME.

Learning Objectives:
1. Discuss the components of accessibility conveyances and how they apply to everyday usage.
2. Understand the best accessibility application based on building type and accessibility needs.
3. Explain the application of standards used in manufacturing, design, and installation of accessibility conveyance options.
4. Identify the differences and similarities between the Americans with Disabilities Act and accessibility standards and requirements of American Society of Mechanical Engineers as it applies to accessibility conveyances.

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