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Can You Put an Elevator Outside?

Residential elevators are popular solutions to mobility or aging-in-place issues, and most often installed in a home’s interior. Sometimes, however, home size, floor layout, or building structure make interior elevators impractical. You don’t have to give up on your dream of a home lift in such cases. Instead, you can install an outdoor home elevator.

What is an Exterior Residential Elevator?

Exterior home lifts are residential elevators where the elevator shaft is installed on the outside wall of a residence. Access in and out of the elevator is from the inside of the home, outside the house, or both. Elevator machine rooms, if required, may be installed either inside or outside of the home.

What are the Advantages of an Outdoor Home Elevator?

The most significant advantage of an exterior residential elevator is the minimum construction required in the house. You won’t need to sacrifice any square footage within the home to accommodate the elevator, make space for a machine room, or dig an interior elevator pit — all of which can reduce your living space. Installation of exterior home lifts also means there’s usually no need to redirect your home’s plumbing, ductwork, or electrical wiring to make room for the elevator shaft.

Homeowners sometimes worry that an exterior residential elevator will impact their curb appeal. This is rarely the case, as the elevator shaft can be designed to match the interior of your home. Indeed, the presence of a well-designed, carefully installed outdoor elevator can improve your curb appeal and the value of your home.

By placing your elevator shaft outside your home, you can increase the functionality of your elevator. You can go from your garage or the front of your home directly into the upper levels of the house without the hassle of navigating your front or back steps.

Outdoor Elevator from Cibes Lift

Outdoor Home Elevators and Climate

When installing exterior home lifts, you must consider the local climate. Outdoor elevators and elevator shafts are designed to withstand most weather conditions. Still, an interior elevator may be the better choice in regions where severe winter cold or other harsh conditions are possibilities. Your local licensed residential elevator agent can advise you on whether or not an external elevator is right for your climate.

How Does an Outdoor Elevator Compare in Price to an Interior Elevator?

The cost of the elevator system will be the same whether it is installed inside or outside your home. However, outdoor installation will be more expensive as the elevator will require a roof and foundation in addition to its exterior walls.

Can You Put an Elevator Outside? Yes!

The answer, then, is yes, you can certainly put a home elevator outside. Doing so comes with multiple advantages and relatively few downsides. If you want an outdoor residential elevator, contact an authorized Symmetry Elevator dealer to determine whether an exterior elevator is the right choice for your home.

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