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Why You Should Choose a Shaftless Elevator for Your Home

A shaftless home elevator is a compact, stylish solution for people with mobility issues or homeowners who plan to age in place. The design of a shaftless elevator makes it an excellent choice for both new and existing homes. Installation is easy, and the elevator is convenient, safe, and customizable. Let’s explore the many features of a shaftless home elevator and why you should choose one for your home.

Compact and Space-Efficient

As the name suggests, a shaftless home elevator does not require an elevator shaft or hoistway. Instead, a shaftless elevator consists of a self-contained car that moves along a guardrail attached to a supporting wall. The lack of a hoistway gives the elevator a much smaller footprint so that you won’t lose much living space. If you live in a small home, shaftless elevators are an exceptional choice.

Easy Installation

Shaftless home elevators can be installed in pantries, closets, or against an existing wall. With no need to build a hoistway, machine room, or elevator pit, construction requirements are minimal: a hole is cut for the elevator to pass between floors, and the elevator guide rail is securely attached to the supporting wall. Connecting the elevator to your home’s electrical system is also easy, as the elevator operates on standard 120 VAC outlets.

Shaftless Home Elevator Weight Limit

Despite its compact size, a shaftless elevator can support heavy loads. The standard shaftless home elevator limit is 400 lbs.

Travel in Style

A shaftless home elevator has a clear view on three sides, so you can enjoy the view as you travel. The clear enclosure gives the elevator a distinct style that turns it into the focal point of a room when installed in an open floor plan. Integrated sliding doors add to the elevator’s sleek design, and you can choose from a range of car finishes, flooring, fixture, and accent elevator customizations.

A Smooth, Quiet Ride

A shaftless elevator for home use provides smooth transportation between two levels. Unlike other home elevators, shaftless elevators operate using push-and-hold buttons. If you want to return to a previous floor, you don’t need to wait for the elevator to reach the other level before changing directions, and the car comes to a complete stop as soon as you stop pressing the up or down button. The elevator is powered by a winding drum drive at the top of the guardrail and moves at a rate of 14 fpm (feet per minute).

Top-of-the-Line Safety Features

A Symmetry shaftless home elevator includes multiple safety features. Pressure sensors at the top and bottom of the elevator car stop the elevator if any obstacles are detected, and interlocking doors prevent the elevator car from moving until the doors are properly closed and locked. In the event of a power failure, a battery backup allows for continued elevator use. The cab includes an emergency stop switch, alarm, and phone, all designed with safety in mind.

Shaftless Home Elevator Cost

Due to their compact size and ease of installation, the cost of shaftless elevators is generally less than that of other home elevator systems. Your exact shaftless home elevator cost will depend on the model of the elevator you choose, where you want the elevator installed, and any extra features you wish to add. 

Interested in purchasing a shaftless home elevator? Check out the Symmetry Elevators Shaftless Home Elevator Brochures, or contact one of our licensed dealers to discuss how we can help add an elevator to your home.

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