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Custom Luxury Elevators for Home Use

Customization of a home elevator encompasses everything from selecting the material type and finish for panels, car gates, and fixtures, to choosing flooring and lighting. Symmetry is masterful at creating custom elevators for homes designed and built to reflect your taste and complement your surroundings. Below are some of the most important residential elevator options to consider.

Custom Home Elevator Finishes and Panels

You can customize the cars of residential elevators with a range of finishes and panels. Popular options include maple, birch, red oak, white oak, hickory, cherry, mahogany, walnut, and alder, with standard stain options including clear, traditional cherry, golden oak, and country pine.

The car panels of a custom elevator come in several texture choices. Flat, shaker, raised, or recessed panels are all available, with each providing a distinct look to match your home decor. Remember to consider the ceiling to complete the interior look of the elevator car.

You can go for an even sleeker look with steel framed glass cars.

Custom Symmetry Residential Elevator by American Elevator
Home elevator car with flat panels features custom paint finish and stained hardwood flooring to match floors in the home.

Symmetry Custom Home Elevator Car with Raised Panels
Residential elevator car with raised panels and ceiling features custom white paint and tiled flooring.

Fixtures for Modern Home Elevators

An elevator for home use should be easily accessible, especially for individuals with mobility problems or people who plan to age in place. Handrails make it easier for people to get in and out of the elevator car and help keep you stable and secure while the elevator is operating. Luxury home elevators may include handrails in finishes as diverse as polished or brushed stainless steel, brass, vintage bronze, or black. Flip-down seats can be installed for people who may need to sit during elevator operation.

Other customizable options for inside an elevator include different styles of elevator controls and phone boxes, which are available in colors that complement your handrail choices. Wood fixtures for phone boxes and control buttons are also available. You’ll also have a selection of call button fixtures to choose from for each elevator level, which can blend in with or stand out from their surroundings depending on your preferences.

Symmetry Custom Residential Elevator installed by Country Home Elevator
Residential elevator car features Birch with custom stain finish, custom crossbuck design on lower panels, mirrors on the upper panels, and tiled flooring.

Symmetry Custom Residential Elevator with Shaker Panels
Home elevator car with shaker panels in Maple with custom stain finish, hardwood flooring, and rug. The fixture height has also been lowered to accommodate the customer’s needs.

Custom Home Elevator Floors

The floor of a custom elevator can be tiled, carpeted, natural wood, or any other floor covering you care to mention. Given the high traffic associated with residential elevators, it’s best to choose flooring that is both durable and easy to clean.

Be sure to discuss your flooring options with your elevator contractor as it could affect the capacity of your elevator.

Lighting for Luxury Home Elevators

The sky’s the limit for a custom elevator when it comes to lighting. Your lighting can be as simple or as elaborate as you want — you can even provide your own lighting fixtures for us to install!

The custom elevator cars we’ve shared are meant as a starting point — to inspire you and to ignite your imagination and creativity. Start designing your own luxury elevator today!

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