Customizing a Cost-Effective Home Elevator

If you are considering adding an elevator to your home, there are a number of customizations you will be able to make. Selecting certain standard features will save you money in the short-term and allow for enhancements in the future. If you are concerned about your home elevator cost, consider the following items.

4 Tips to Adjust Home Elevator Cost

  1. Car materials Typically, you will notice a wide variety of car interior choices. Home elevator cars are commonly made from a variety of wood species or enhanced with metal and glass. By selecting a laminate or low cost hardwood veneer, you may be able to reserve budget for other areas.
  2. Elevator car panels While a number of wood panel styles are available, you should evaluate the potential cost savings of selecting a flat panel elevator car. This elevator style is versatile and leaves room to add decoration or enhancements at a later time. For a nominal fee, you can select other panel styles.
  3. Fixtures Fixtures include the elevator car operating panel (COP), phone box, hall calls, lighting, handrails and interlocks. There are a variety of wood and metal finishes available, some are standard, but some come at a significant cost increase. If budget is a concern, consider a more cost-effective option as this is an item that is easy to upgrade later.
  4. Gate/Door When planning for your home elevator, the gate/door selection can also reduce your overall cost. Choose a standard accordion door with a flush mounted hoistway door instead of the upgraded commercial-style elevator doors.

Selecting the Right Home Elevator Configuration for Your Budget

There are many decisions to make when planning for your home elevator. After installation is complete, you will be scheduled for ongoing maintenance visits with your local home elevator company. These visits are an appropriate time to discuss potential upgrades to your home elevator. Whether the style of your home has changed or extra budget has become available, your local home elevator company will be able to assist. If you are ready to begin the planning process, or to discuss enhancing an existing elevator, contact your local home elevator company.

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