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10 Questions to Ask to Choose the Right Elevators & Lifts

Whether you use performance, prescriptive, or proprietary specifications, the quality of the elevator specification will directly affect the quality of the application. Small mistakes in the spec can result in costly challenges during the building process.  When writing a specification for conveying equipment, it is advisable to contact an expert. Product specifiers are available to listen to your desired intent, ask questions to broaden understanding of the application and make recommendations for a product and basis of design. 

10 Key Questions to Ask About the Application

When specifying conveying equipment, take the following into consideration:

  1. Is this a commercial or residential application?
  2. Is the location a place of public accommodation?
  3. How many landings will be served?
  4. How will the exits be configured? i.e. enter and exit on the same side, enter and exit straight through, or enter and exit 90 degrees
  5. What is the total height of travel?
  6. Do you have means to provide a pit?
  7. What overhead do you have?
  8. Do you have space for a machine room?
  9. Who are the primary users?
  10. Do the users have any special needs?

Note: When specifying an elevator, particular consideration should be given to the interior of the car.  The car interior is one of the most customizable aspects of the elevator and can be one of the most expensive.  Knowing where you are willing to compromise on the car can help you to stay within budget.

What to Expect

There will be other questions as the conversation develops, however, with the answers to the above questions, a product specifier should be able to provide you the following:

  1. What is the best product for your application
  2. The model number of that product
  3. A concept of floor space required

Do not be afraid to ask for more details. Most manufacturers will be able to provide you information quickly. With a simple phone call, you may be able to have concept drawings and specifications in your hands relatively quickly. Remember that the elevator specification and drawings are the basis for your quote. The more specific you can be, the more accurate the quote.

For additional information, contact a Symmetry Elevating Solutions Product Specifier at 877-375-1428 or find a dealer near you.

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