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Home Elevator Car Panel Option: Custom Picture Framing

Symmetry residential elevators are available with custom picture framing options. Designed to give your elevator architectural character, picture framing is created, designed and built to complement and enhance your elevator’s interior at an affordable price.

Symmetry’s picture framing options are available for your elevator’s walls and ceiling and can come in a variety of sizes, wood species and finishes to accommodate your elevator’s size and appearance.

Home Elevator with White car panel picture framing
Home elevator car with Marquis picture framing and custom finish
Home Elevator with Walnut Picture Framing Car Panels
Elevator car with 4 x Marquis picture framing and ceiling in Red Oak with custom finish

Picture Framing Options

Custom options available upon request

Craftsman Picture Framing for Elevator Car Panel
Marquis Picture Framing for Elevator Car Panel

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