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Residential Elevator Car Panel Styles

When customizing your home elevator, there are a number of decisions you will make to ensure the elevator blends into your home’s décor. If you select a wood elevator car, selecting the style of panel you will utilize is just as important as choosing the wood species itself. A few primary panel styles exist and each can provide a unique look and feel to the elevator car.

4 Primary Wood Elevator Car Panel Options

  1. Shaker panels – Shaker panels have a recessed center and raised framing. The wide-panel design is both simple and modern. The shaker panel is popular due to its clean lines and artisan-style craftsmanship. These panels are a frequently utilized choice for kitchen cabinetry and can easily bring the style of other rooms into the elevator.
  2. Raised panels – Raised panels have exterior framing and a raised center and can provide an accent to nearly any home. Raised panels offer a three dimensional beveled edge within a tongue and groove frame and are often selected to provide the elevator with a unique and timeless look.
  3. Recessed panels – Recessed panels provide subtle, clean visual depth to the interior design of the elevator. They contain exterior framing and a recessed center. The beveled edge in the wood panel makes for a very simply stated, yet beautiful car panel.
  4. Flat panels – Flat panels provide a versatile flat wall. These panels provide simplicity and tie in well to the style of any home.

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Elevator cab panel - Shaker Panel
Symmetry Home Elevator cab panel - Raised Panel
Symmetry Home Elevator cab panel - Recessed Panel
Symmetry Home Elevator cab panel - Flat Panel

Selecting the Appropriate Panels

As you begin to make decisions related to the design elements of your elevator, you can visit online design galleries or in-person showrooms for inspiration. Many galleries will show you sample cross-sections of the panel styles so that you can make the right decision for your home. When you are ready to move to the next step, contact a local home elevator company for more information and to determine the appropriate wood species and panel style for your custom home elevator.

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