Home Elevator Design Your Way

Home Elevator Design Your Way

When planning the purchase of your home elevator, you will have the opportunity to make a number of decisions regarding elevator design. Outside of considering where the elevator will be located in the home, the landings that will be serviced and the drive system desired, you will need to think through the features within the elevator car itself.

Home Elevator Design Elements

Car interior – You will need to consider the interior of the elevator car. A variety of finishes are available, including wood, metal and glass. Determine whether you want the elevator to blend into the aesthetics of its surroundings, or if you would prefer the elevator to be a focal point, then begin selecting finishes. If you select wood panels, a number of styles are available from which to choose. The elevator car ceiling will likely be manufactured to match the walls, but this is a good time to consider any special requests you may have for car flooring.

Interlock shown in a Home Elevator
Residential Elevator Company

Lighting – While standard lighting will be available, make sure that you consider customization of this feature. If you are looking to enhance the elegance of the elevator,  or even provide additional visibility, lighting is a critical piece that you can customize.

Symmetry Home Elevator by Arrow Lift MN
Enjoy Your Symmetry Home Elevator Safely

Fixtures – Elevator fixtures, like the car operating panel (COP), hall call, handrails and phone box can be customized in a variety of finishes, styles and elements. For example, the COP can even include engraving or an amber position indicator to meet your design requests.

Symmetry Home Elevator Dark Stain Car Panel Stainless Steel Fixtures
Home Elevator Accordion Gate Smoke Bronze Acrylic Panels

Landing Door – The entrance to the elevator can be designed to match your décor. You can select a door that looks like the other doors in the home or even one that looks like a commercial-style elevator.

Symmetry Residential Elevator Custom Doors Shown Closed
Home Elevator Accordion Gate with Clear Acrylic Panels

Elevator Car Door/Gate – A number of elevator car door and gate options are available to meet your specific requirements. Classic, metal collapsible gates, accordion gates, automatic car doors and even manufacturer-specific doors are available for your project. As an example of a manufacturer option, see details here on the Symmetry Safety 3-Panel Car Door.

Home Elevator with closed accordion gate
Close Up Brass Gate on Symmetry Home Elevator

Putting the Pieces Together

If you need more ideas on options for your home elevator, visit online design galleries. Once you have decided on some of the elevator design elements that are important to you or need assistance deciding, contact a local home elevator company. These individuals will be able to work through your requests and ensure that your residential elevator meets your needs.

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