Home Elevator Door Baffles & Space Guards

The addition of a door space guard or baffle—installed between the hoistway door and elevator car gate/door—provides an extra measure of protection to your home elevator

Some jurisdictions may allow the door baffle on transitional installations where the ¾” x 4″ rule is being enforced. Contact your local Symmetry Dealer for more information.

Space guards assist in reducing the space from the hoistway door to the landing sill and the space between the car gate/door and the hoistway door.

Side View of Space Guard

Plastic Space Guard

Symmetry Plastic Space Guard

The plastic space guard is light weight and an ambidextrous design. It is designed to be installed on 36″ or 32″ wide residential elevator hoistway doors and fill a 2 5/8″ space. It comes standard in white but can be painted.

Wood Space Guard – Full or Half Height

The wood space guards are custom made at full height or half height and can accommodate existing door handles, locks, and windows. They are also available in several hardwood veneers, which can be stained and/or clear coated to match your home.

Symmetry Wood Space Guard - Full Height
Symmetry Wood Space Guard - Half Height

Wood Space Guard – Expandable Full Height

Symmetry Wood Space Guard - Expandable Full Height

The expandable full height wood space guard is available if you need to fill a space greater than 3 3/4″ inches. It is expandable to fill up to an 8″ void, from the face of the door to the landing sill edge, and retract to the face of the door when the door is open.

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  1. I have a customer with an elevator that needs 2 door baffles. The elevator technician says one door need 2 1/2″ to meet code and the other door needs 1 1/4″ to meet code. Can you give me pricing information? Thank you.


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