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What to Do if Your Home Elevator Shows an Error Code

While it is not a common occurrence, from time to time a residential elevator may display an error code. Error codes are usually shown on the digital position indicator (DPI) which also reflects the current location of the elevator car. In the case that an error code is shown on your DPI, there are a few things that you can do before you call your local home elevator company for assistance.

4 Questions to Ask in the Event of an Error Code

  1. Are the elevator car door/gate and the hoistway door closed? Have hoistway locking mechanisms been engaged? If the elevator car and hoistway doors and gates have not been properly closed, the elevator cannot respond to calls to and from other landings. Try to open and securely close all doors/gates prior to calling your home elevator company.
  2. Has the in-car emergency stop button been activated? If the emergency stop has been activated, the elevator will reflect an error code. Typically, when the stop switch is returned to the “run” position, the elevator will return to normal operation.
  3. Is there power to the elevator? In the case of a power outage, it is best to wait for power to be restored prior to attempting to use the elevator.
  4. Has the elevator received regular service? Sometimes, an error code may simply indicate that the elevator is due for standard maintenance.

Next Steps

If all of the items above have been checked and the elevator is still not functioning properly, a technician’s assistance is likely required. Servicing your elevator is not a task you should take on yourself. Residential elevator technicians are professionals who have been properly trained to resolve any issue you may encounter. If you have any questions about your home elevator, have an error code that requires attention, or need to schedule maintenance, contact your local home elevator company.

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