How do I Clean My Personal Elevator?

How do I Clean My Personal Elevator?
Just like any other room in the home, your elevator needs to be cleaned regularly. You may have questions regarding the appropriate way to keep the elevator tidy, but it is easier than you may think. Below are recommendations for the ongoing care of your personal elevator.

7 Tips for Cleaning Your Home Elevator

In most cases, standard gentle cleaning agents can be used in the elevator as they would be used on other surfaces within the home. When in doubt, you can always contact your local home elevator company for more information, but the guidelines below are a good starting point.

  1. Use polishes, dusting solutions and light soaps to clean all surfaces.
  2. All elevator surfaces should be dusted regularly to avoid any accumulation.
  3. Car and gate panels are frequently created using real wood, commercial stains and clear coatings. Elevator car panels should be wiped down regularly. Furniture cleaning solutions can be used to clean and polish wall and gate wood panels.
  4. Do not use chemical cleaning agents on metal finishes. Doing so could damage the clear coatings on the metals.
      a. Brushed Brass tarnishes and must be maintained.
      b. Polished Brass has a clear coat for protection.
      c. Metal finishes are susceptible to oxidation and damage in overly humid environments.
  5. The buttons of the hall call and car operating panel (COP), handrails and elevator door and gate handles are common touch points and should be disinfected regularly.
  6. Glass panels should be cleaned using standard glass cleaner.
  7. If the flooring includes carpeting or rugs, these surfaces should be vacuumed regularly and shampooed as needed.

Additional Questions on Maintaining Your Home Elevator?

If you have any questions on the proper care or maintenance of your home elevator, please contact your local home elevator company. The trained professionals there will be able to provide clarification on what cleaning agents you should and should not use to keep your home elevator in like new condition for years to come.

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