Functional, Luxurious Home Elevators

Functional, Luxurious Home Elevators
Home elevators are a convenient means to access all levels of the home, from the basement game room to the rooftop terrace. Whether a necessity or a desired addition, your home elevator can be made to bring your vision into reality and can enhance the sense of luxury in the home. When determining how to best accentuate your floor plan and interior design, there are a few items on which you should concentrate.

Focus on the Location

If you are looking to add an elevator to your home, one of the most important considerations is location. An elevator can enhance the ambiance of the residence by accentuating a prominent staircase, or it can be a focal centerpiece in the room. You will want to think about how the elevator will be used and the best means to utilize the available space.

Materials Make the Difference

The materials used in the construction of the elevator can enhance the experience. Depending on what you are looking to accomplish, your home elevator can be customized to have a modern feel using materials like glass and metal. The hoistway can be constructed to emphasize and allow visibility into the elevator car. Your elevator can also be created as a classic statement piece with a variety of beautiful wood species and car panel styles. Lighting can be upgraded to highlight the elevator entrance and interior, while items you interact with like the car operating panel (COP) and hall call can be made with a variety of materials or even engraved.

Home Elevator Design Galleries

The sky is truly the limit regarding available customizations. Before you meet with your architect, it is a good idea to review residential elevator design galleries to understand what has worked in other applications. These galleries provide insight on how the options can be applied and can provide inspiration for your project. If you have questions or would like to begin planning your project, contact your local home elevator company. These individuals will assist you in making the choices necessary to create the best home elevator for your application.

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