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Luxurious Home Elevators: Style and Function in One

Residential elevators give you easy access to all floors in your home, from the foyer to the rooftop terraces. At the same time, home elevators can be as stylistic as they are practical. A luxury home elevator complements the ambiance and existing features in your residence. While the mechanical decisions you make provide a smooth ride and safety for passengers, the luxury materials and design elements you choose are what enhance the experience of riding your custom-made elevator.

Location and home elevators

If you’re considering adding an elevator to your home, one of the most critical considerations is location. An elevator can enhance your home’s ambiance by accentuating a prominent staircase, or it can be a focal centerpiece in a room. Think about how you’ll use your luxury elevator and the best means to utilize the available space.

There are several areas where you may wish to install your residential elevator, and you can adjust your plan to provide the comfort and usability desired. Different car sizes and configurations are available, allowing entrance and exit on the same side, opposite side, or even at a 90-degree angle from the car’s entrance.

Customization is key

When planning for your elevator’s installation, remember that you can customize the majority of the aesthetics. Whether you desire to create an elevator that blends seamlessly into the décor of your home or to produce a stunning focal point, a number of options are available. Here are several of the elevator components to consider during the design process:

  • Car panels and ceiling
  • Flooring
  • Fixtures, handrails, and lighting
  • Doors and gates
  • Control panels

Materials make the difference

The materials used in the elevator’s construction also enhance the experience. You can customize your home elevator to have a modern feel using materials like glass and metal. The hoistway can be constructed to emphasize and allow visibility into the elevator car for a distinctly modern, futuristic feel.

Your elevator can also be a classic statement piece with a variety of beautiful wood species and car panel styles. You can upgrade the lighting to highlight the elevator entrance and interior, while items you interact with like the car operating panel (COP) and hall calls can be made with various custom materials or even engraved.

Symmetry Home Elevator Glass and Steel Hoistway Enterprise Gate

The Importance of first impressions

Doors and gates are the first features you or your guests will see when approaching your luxury elevator. You can select hoistway doors that provide a commercial look and feel, or even customize swing doors to match other doors in your home.

Collapsible car gates can be made from materials like solid brass, stainless steel or powder-coated steel and are available in customized finishes. Panels for accordion car doors come in wood, laminate, acrylic, or aluminum. Vision Panels are a unique alternative that provide visibility into the elevator car, even when the gate is closed. Brushed stainless steel or powder-coated steel, commercial-style, elevator car doors are also an option and can be designed with glass inserts.

Symmetry Home Elevator 3 Speed Doors

Putting your plan into action

When you are ready to move forward with your luxury elevator installation, or if you have questions during the planning phase, contact a local elevator company. These companies are well-versed in available options and can assist you to create the ideal application for your installation. They can also provide estimates for the cost of residential elevators and decorative materials.

Home elevator design galleries

The sky’s the limit with your customization options. Before you meet with your architect, review residential elevator design galleries to understand what has worked in other locations. These galleries provide insight into how different options can be applied and can inspire your project. If you have questions or would like to begin planning your project, contact your local home elevator company. These individuals will help you make the choices necessary to create the best elevator for your home and your budget.

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