Utilizing a Home Elevator to Enhance the Luxury of Your Home

Utilizing a Home Elevator to Enhance the Luxury of Your Home

Whether your desire is to provide easy access to a rooftop terrace or allow guests a convenient way to get to the home’s lowest level, a luxury elevator can improve not only the accessibility but the ambiance of any residence. While a number of mechanical decisions can be made to provide a smooth ride and safety for passengers, the selection of various design elements are absolutely necessary to enhance the experience provided by your home elevator.

Customization is Key

When planning for the installation of a luxury elevator, it is important to remember that one can customize the majority of the aesthetics. Whether your desire is to create an elevator that blends seamlessly into the décor of your home, or to produce a stunning focal point, a number of options are available. In the planning phase, the following components are just a few of the design elements that should be taken into account:

Determining the Right Location

There are a number of areas in the home where you may wish to install your residential elevator. The plan can be adjusted to provide the comfort and usability desired.  Different car sizes and configurations are available, allowing entrance and exit on the same side, opposite side or even at a 90 degree angle from the entrance of the car.

The Importance of First Impressions

Doors and gates are the first feature you or your guests will see when approaching the elevator. You can select hoistway doors that provide a commercial look and feel, or even customize swing doors to match other doors in your home.

Collapsible car gates can be made from materials like solid brass, stainless steel or powder-coated steel and are available in customized finishes. Panels for accordion car gates come in wood, laminate, acrylic or aluminum. Vision Panels are a unique alternative that provide visibility into the elevator car, even when the gate is closed. Brushed or powder-coated stainless steel, commercial-style, elevator car doors are also an option and can be designed with glass inserts.

Putting Your Plan into Action

When you are ready to move forward with installation of your luxury elevator, or if you have questions during the planning phase, contact a local elevator company. These companies are well-versed in available options and can assist you to create the ideal application for your installation.

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