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Tips to Maximize the Feel of Your Small Home Elevator

An elevator is an addition which can add convenient access to any level of the home. While the elevator can easily be installed in a room no larger than a pantry or a closet, there are many ways to make your small home elevator feel spacious.

5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Space

    1. Use light colored wall panels to expand the perception of the area. As in any small room in the home, neutral and light colors provide an airy feel and can assist in making the space feel larger than it truly is.
    1. Consider adding mirrors. Mirrors can be installed in a small home elevator and can instantly provide the feel that the elevator car has added depth.
    1. Think about your flooring. The flooring in an elevator car can be made from a variety of materials. Light-colored wood can help to make the car feel spacious. Some elevator owners add accent rugs to draw the eye. Adding a patterned element provides something to break up the space.
    1. Lighting can work wonders. In some cases, standard elevator car lighting creates sufficient brightness. In other cases, adding accent lighting can create stronger reflections and add to the perception of a larger space.
  1. Think outside the box. Many residential elevators can be made with materials like clear acrylic or glass. Having an elevator car or hoistway door, or even portions of the elevator car itself made from see-through materials provides openness to the space, allowing the small home elevator to feel much larger than it is.

Finalizing Your Home Elevator Design

The process of creating your personal elevator should be very similar to designing any other room in the home. A local home elevator company will analyze your available space, walk you through available options and provide recommendations to make sure your elevator works well for you and visually maximizes the space available.

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