Why Residential Elevators and Lifts?

Why Residential Elevators & Lifts

Modern Home Décor

Years ago, were considered as a luxury item in a home. They were very expensive to install, and would require the elevator to be built with the home, meaning you had to have a brand new home in order to have a completely custom elevator. Howev…

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EESF Launched New Elevator Safety Campaign

Safe T Riders

encourages kids to “Hold On, Lace Up, and Face Forward!” EESF recently unveiled their new safety superheroes, Safe T Riders. The characters were unveiled at the foundation’s fundraiser held at the …

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Personal Home Elevators for One Person are on the Rise

Residential elevator

A patch of land was once limited by a person’s tolerance to ascend stairs. The introduction of a zippy “vertical transportation system” in the 1850s broke through that ceiling.

Elevators impacted the value of top-tier single-family homes, too.

The first residential elevator — a counterweight l…

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