Constructing the Elevator Shaft

Home Elevator Shaft

When working on a project which includes a home elevator or limited use limited application elevator, understanding the anatomy of the structure will assist in seamless construction. Whether an elevator is to be installed immediately or the elevator shaft (or hoistway) is being installed for an elevator to be added in the future, a comprehensive understanding of the components is necessary.

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Functional, Luxurious Home Elevators

Luxury Home Elevator

Home elevators are a convenient means to access all levels of the home, from the basement game room to the rooftop terrace. Whether a necessity or a desired addition, your home elevator can be made to bring your vision into reality and can enhance the sense of luxury in the home. When determining how to best accentuate your floor plan and interior design, there are a few items on which you should concentrate.

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The Many Applications of a LU/LA Elevator

LU/LA Elevator Applications

The Limited Use, Limited Application elevator (LU/LA) is an elevator designed to provide access in low occupancy/low rise commercial buildings where a traditional passenger elevator is not feasible or required by code. These elevators are limited in use and in application, and provide an ideal solution for specific settings like schools, churches, multi-family housing units, libraries and more.

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What is an Elevator Planning Guide?

Symmetry Home Elevator showing shiplap car interior

An elevator planning guide, also known as a design guide, is a document which contains a number of the details necessary for the inclusion of an elevator into a construction project. These guides are primarily targeted to meet the needs of the architect and general contractor working on the project, but provide everyone with valuable information on the standard and optional features of the elevator.

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Planning Your Conveyance Project

Symmetry Vertical Platform Lift Conveyance Project

You have taken the time to plan the best accessible route, and done your best to know the local building and accessibility codes, but have you reached out to the people with the most knowledge of accessibility in your local market; the installing distributor? Accessibility is an industry that is heavily regulated by code.

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