Retrofitting a House Elevator: What to Know

House Elevator Interior View

House elevators are retrofit into existing construction for a number of reasons. In some cases, there is an immediate need to transport an individual with limited mobility. In other cases, an elevator is added to the home to provide ease of access or to assist in transporting bulky loads from floor to floor. A residential elevator may be installed to ensure the home will be a feasible place to live for years to come, in the case that assistance to accessibility is necessary. When determining if a house elevator is the right fit for your existing home, there are a number of items you need to consider.

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Utilizing a Home Elevator to Enhance the Luxury of Your Home

Luxury Home Elevators by Symmetry Elevating Solutions

Whether your desire is to provide easy access to a rooftop terrace or allow guests a convenient way to get to the home’s lowest level, a luxury elevator can improve not only the accessibility but the ambiance of any residence. While a number of mechanical decisions can be made to provide a smooth ride and safety for passengers, the selection of various design elements are absolutely necessary to enhance the experience provided by your home elevator.

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Personal Home Elevator Safety

Symmetry Personal Home Elevator

As home elevators become more common, understanding proper usage and maintenance is critical to ongoing performance. If you are the owner of a personal home elevator, you are taking on a very important responsibility – to ensure the proper function of the machine which will transport family and friends.

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Think Function When Planning an Elevator for Home Use

Residential Elevator for Home Use Straight Through Configuration

You may be among the many homeowners who are considering the addition of an elevator for home use. Whether a retrofit to your existing residence or a part of new construction, you will be glad to know that you can select from a variety of options when personalizing your elevator for aesthetics and function. While both aspects are essential, the foundational component to initial planning is determining the functionality of your elevator.

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Small Home Elevators

Are you looking to install an elevator in your home and have questions about how it will fit into your existing space? If you are interested in adding a small home elevator to your current residence, there are a number of items that need to be considered. Because a small elevator can mean different things for different people, we have outlined some of the most common thoughts in regards to home elevators.

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