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Meeting Building Accessibility Requirements

You have taken the time to plan the best accessible route, and done your best to know the local building and accessibility codes, but have you reached out to the people with the most knowledge of accessibility in your local market; the installing distributor? Accessibility is an industry that is heavily regulated by code. Meeting the requirements of ADA, ASME A18.1, ASME A17.1, ANSI A117 and building code can be difficult. Fortunately, there are companies that specialize in knowing how these codes interact, and how to provide you with the best option for your project.

Creating the Elevator Specification or Lift Specification

There are a number of planning documents utilized in construction. The specification includes detailed information related to the manufacturer, model number, characteristics and requirements of the lifting device. If this information is put into the specification in a manner which is inconsistent with the drawings, adjustments may need to be made further into the process which can create costly alterations and delays.

Preventing Delays and Added Cost

Contact an accessibility expert early to prevent product discrepancies which will cause time delays and change orders, both of which will have a financial impact on your customer. These experts will take care to determine the correct model and required options have been specified ensuring your public bid project will comply with the applicable codes.  They will also be able to ensure the allowed space will be sufficient for the product required.

Knowing the experts in the desired market will help you stand out to your customer increasing the value of your good name. Let us do the lifting; Symmetry Elevating Solutions products are designed and manufactured in Peoria, Illinois, by skilled engineers and craftsmen. It is our goal to meet your functional and aesthetic requirements. Our network of partners and associates span the United States, providing local expertise to your most challenging mechanical vertical circulation situations. Find a Symmetry representative here.

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