How to Buy a Home Elevator

Adding an elevator is an exciting renovation for your existing home.  As you begin your research, you will come across a number of options for purchasing your elevator. Determining who you will work with, what type of elevator you will choose, and even if you should consider acquiring a previously used elevator. While purchasing a used or refurbished elevator seems like a way to reduce overall budget, there are several things that you need to consider.*

Top 6 Considerations for Purchasing a Used Elevator

  1. Function – when you purchase used equipment, you may not understand the full history of its use. If an elevator has been uninstalled, you will have a hard time determining if the elevator is going to be fully functional upon reinstallation.
  2. Maintenance – when purchasing a used elevator, it becomes difficult for the potential buyer to determine if the elevator was properly maintained while it was running. Without proper maintenance throughout its usable life, the elevator will not function as it should.
  3. Removalhome elevators are delicate and complicated items and require trained professionals to install, maintain and uninstall. It is always a temptation for a tech savvy homeowner to try to maintain or uninstall their own elevator, but this is never advised. If the elevator has been uninstalled by someone other than a representative of a local home elevator company, the equipment could be damaged.
  4. Adherence to Code Requirements – when an elevator is installed, it needs to meet local and national codes, and this would be the same for new or used equipment.
  5. Fit – purchasing something like a residential elevator that was created to fit someone else’s home means that your home must be configured exactly the same way in order for the elevator to work properly.
  6. Warranty – when making a purchase as significant as a home elevator, you want to ensure you have as much added protection as possible. A warranty is typically an agreement between the purchaser and the installer or manufacturer. Frequently, a warranty will be null and void if the equipment is installed, serviced or uninstalled by anyone other than an authorized technician.

Home Elevators are Not DIY

While choosing a used or refurbished elevator may seem like an affordable option to add value to your project, remember that elevators are sophisticated and require the expertise of trained technicians. Your local home elevator company can work with you to customize an elevator to meet your specific needs and to fit your budget. In addition, you will build a relationship with a trusted partner who can take care of your elevator, keeping it performing at its peak, for years to come.

*Symmetry Elevating Solutions does not sell, nor recommend the purchase of used or refurbished residential elevators, vertical platform lifts or limited use/limited application elevators.

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