Residential Elevator Company: Decoding the Acronyms

Residential Elevator Company: Decoding the Acronyms

If you are considering the installation of an elevator in your home, one of the critical steps is to select a residential elevator company to complete the project. There are many items that should influence your decision. Along with understanding their experience, the products they provide and the expertise of their team, you may see the company mention their affiliations with industry associations. There are several main acronyms you will likely come across when researching home elevator companies.


NAEC is the National Association of Elevator Contractors and AEMA is the Association of Members of the Accessibility Industry. Through evolution in the industry, these two groups have emerged as the primary associations for elevator contractors and suppliers. Both work to leverage their relationships to drive training and resources for all of their members, while contributing to key industry initiatives like safety, reliability and code developments.


ASME is the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. The ASME website explains that The American Society of Mechanical Engineers works to drive collaboration, the transfer of information and professional development across engineering disciplines. ASME sets standards across a wide range of topics. Elevators, escalators and related equipment are no exception and ASME sets the standard for safety in the industry.


NAHB is the National Association of Home Builders. Often, your home elevator company will be a member of the local homebuilders association. These groups focus on the housing industry and work to provide educational opportunities, resources and networking opportunities for home builders, remodelers, manufacturers, suppliers and related fields.


The National Association of Home Builders offers a designation called CAPS or Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist. This program teaches participants all of the skills necessary to ensure they can assist customers to make appropriate decisions on home modifications to allow for aging in place.

Understanding Industry Affiliations

Industry affiliations and memberships can go a long way to indicate engagement in the field and adherence to strict industry standards. When looking for a residential elevator company, be sure to do your research on what memberships they hold and what those memberships may mean for your project.  

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