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Why Get a Home Elevator or Lift?

Modern Home Décor

Years ago, residential elevators and lifts were considered as a luxury item in a home. They were very expensive to install, and would require the elevator to be built with the home, meaning you had to have a brand new home in order to have a completely custom elevator. However, I have some great news for you – no longer are the days of expensive and hard to install elevators.

Today in modern civilization, household appliances and equipment are significantly cheaper due to the advancement of technology, availability of resources, and efficient processes. With that being said, residential elevators and lifts are now more affordable to obtain. You can turn an old closet space into a residential elevator, or you can place a vertical platform lift in an empty area by the stairs in an existing home. It’s that simple. Home décor & design is of course important as well. Symmetry Elevating Solutions elevator cabs and lifts can be customized to match your home’s décor to perfection. Everything from wood, to tile, to metal fixtures – if you have it in your home, you will most likely have it in your elevator.

Elevator installation in process


There’s no science in the fact that the ease of accessibility can be obtained with an elevator and a lift. Whether you have a residential elevator, vertical platform lift, or a stair lift; you will be able reach greater heights with ease from the comforts of your home.

Instead of a traditional residential elevator or a stair lift, some people opt for vertical platform lifts, known as wheelchair lifts, inside and outside their homes to lift them up to porches, patios, and even the second and third floors of their homes.

Enclosed Lift - residential vertical platform lift

Symmetry Elevating Solutions offers vertical platform lifts that are patented with A.W.A.R.E.™ Diagnostics System: Active Wiring, Accessories, Relay & Electronics Diagnosis. A.W.A.R.E.™ is a fully functional on-board diagnostics system to manage and monitor every critical function of the lift.

Investment for the Future

Life can bring unexpected events, and as we age, our bodies deteriorate. Let’s face it, climbing the stairs gets tougher the older we get! It simply makes more sense to use less energy and utilize a lift! Purchasing a residential elevator or lift is a great investment for future comforts long after retirement.

Symmetry Elevating Solutions is your complete lift solutions provider. We can offer you an array of custom lifts that fit your lifestyle needs. For more information about Symmetry Elevating Solutions, please visit

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