Ways to Completely Revamp Your Home Elevator

Ways to Completely Revamp Your Home Elevator

If you have had your residential elevator for some time, or moved into a home with an elevator, there are several things that you can do to refresh and personalize its décor. From slight modifications to complete overhauls, these are the top things you can do to help your elevator feel new.

  1. Updated Lighting – A fairly easy way to revitalize your elevator is to update the lighting fixtures inside the elevator car.
  2. Flooring – As with other rooms in the home, the flooring utilized in the elevator can be changed to complement the home. In some instances, homeowners choose to utilize area rugs to add an accent to the car.
  3. Controls – The car operating panel (COP), phone box and hall call can be changed.
  4. Handrails – A variety of styles and finishes are available and handrails are another feature that can be easily updated.
  5. Gate/Door – Both the door on the landing and the gate or door on the elevator car itself can be swapped to suit your preference.
  6. Paint – Depending upon the material, elevator cars can frequently be painted to match adjacent rooms in the home.
  7. Complete replacement of elevator car – If needed or desired, the elevator car itself can be completely replaced. This will allow you to work with your local home elevator company to customize a new car to your liking.

Each manufacturer offers several alternatives for a number of the items listed above, and your local dealer can help you to understand the available options and how to proceed in making updates to your elevator.

Exploring Your Residential Elevator Options

A home elevator is an investment that will provide accessibility and convenience for many years. Whether you desire a refresh or you’ve moved into a home with an elevator you would like to make your own, a number of modifications can be made. Some updates are very simple and others will require the assistance of a home elevator company. If you have any questions or want to further explore your options, you can find your local home elevator company by clicking here.

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