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Selecting the Right Home Elevator Company

If you have considered adding a residential elevator to your home, whether new construction or retrofit, a number of individuals will play a part in ensuring your installation is executed flawlessly. You may have architects, general contractors, masons, carpenters, inspectors, drywallers, roofers, electricians and elevator contractors involved at varying stages. While most of these tradesmen come into the project to complete a certain task and then move on, the relationship with your home elevator company will begin prior to installation and continue long-term.

The Role of the Home Elevator Company

If you are like most, when your car needs service, you “got a guy.”  If the cable or internet goes down, you know who to call.  You may even be on a first name basis with the bug guy. When your home elevator is installed, a certified elevator technician will be on site to make sure the elevator is installed correctly, and in compliance with the local codes.
Unlike most subcontractors, the “elevator guy” is someone you will want to keep in contact with once the job is done.  When the drywall installer is done, you can usually handle routine maintenance or a small patch, but routine maintenance for your elevator is best left to the professionals. You will want to build a relationship with your elevator technician similar to the relationship you have with your mechanic, someone you know and trust, and understands your machine.  Your elevator will need routine maintenance, if nothing more than to ensure all parts are tight, well lubricated and in good working order.
Your elevator installer should be factory trained, have many years of experience and understand how your elevator is intended to function.  They should be able to fix or troubleshoot potential problems.  If your elevator were to give an error code, your elevator company will know where to start, and how to resolve the issue.  Building a long-term, trusting relationship is critical.  Your elevator can last a long time with proper care and maintenance, and you deserve a commitment beyond installation.

Finding an Elevator Contractor

If you are looking to have an elevator installed or serviced, but don’t know who to call, click here to find a dealer near you. Our network of professional elevator contractors is factory trained and ready to assist you with your elevator needs.

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