Steps to Installing Your Home Elevator

Steps to Installing Your Home Elevator

A residential elevator adds convenient access to all levels within a home. While these elevators are complex systems, the process to getting one installed is quite simple. If you are considering an elevator for your residence, these are the steps you should follow.

1. Locate a Local Home Elevator Company

The most important step in your project is locating a qualified professional to turn your elevator into a reality. There are a number of companies that possess the necessary skills and experience to customize an elevator to suit your needs and comply with all local codes. There are a few important criteria to consider when selecting a home elevator company, such as their years of experience, the brands of elevator they offer and the credibility they provide through industry affiliations.

2. Customize the Elevator

Once you determine with whom you will work, you can move on to customizing the elevator. This includes choosing items like your panel style, gates and doors for the car and landing and the material for your fixtures. Your local home elevator company can guide you through the process and provide examples of the materials you can choose from to create the ideal elevator for your space.

3. Leave it to the Professionals

Home elevators are very complex and require expertise in a variety of trades in order to ensure a successful installation. While a number of folks consider purchasing a home elevator kit online and taking on the installation themselves to save money, this is not advised. Read more on why Home Elevators are Not a Do-It-Yourself Project.

Adding an elevator to your home is a very simple task when you have the right elevator company involved in the project. Find a professional near you using the Symmetry Find a Dealer Form.

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