Symmetry Safety 3-Panel Home Elevator Door

The Symmetry Safety 3-Panel Door, offered exclusively by Symmetry, is one of the most reliable residential elevator car doors on the market. When coupled with the Flush Mount Door and/or Frame Package, our Safety 3-Panel Door creates a minimal amount of space between the elevator car door and landing door. 

Standard Features

  • Manual Car Door Operation: The trailing panel of the car door measures at 2″ from edge of the car sill and is designed to fit within requirements of the ¾” x 4″ rule, with maximum running clearance and maximum hoistway door set back of ¾” 
  • Height of Opening: 7’0″
  • Car Door Opening: 33″ clear opening (fits in a “typical” hoistway with a 36 inch wide car)
  • Standard Finish: Black

Optional Features

  • Light Curtain: Standard as secondary protective device if unit installed under ASME A17.1 (2013 and prior); optional if it is installed under ASME A17.1 (2016 and newer)
  • Power Car Door Operation
  • Height of Opening: 7’11”; custom heights available
  • Car Door Opening: 36″ clear opening (fits in a “typical” hoistway with a 40 inch wide car)
  • Vision Panels: Available with Clear or Smoked acrylic
  • Car Door: Available in Stainless Steel or powder-coated steel
Symmetry Safety 3 Panel Door in Black Brushed Stainless Steel Vintage Bronze
Symmetry Safety Door – panels shown in Black with vision panel, Brushed Stainless Steel and Vintage Bronze.

Available Finishes

The Symmetry Safety 3-Panel Door is available in multiple finishes to coordinate with the décor in any home.

Custom colors available upon request*

Symmetry Safety 3-Panel Door Colors

*The Symmetry Safety Door comes in Black as standard. Other finishes pictured are optional.

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