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Vertical Platform Lift Flip-Up Ramps

Flip-up ramps can be used on vertical platform lifts to access openings that are perpendicular to the tower on straight-through and 90◦ applications and are available on all unenclosed lifts. Flip-up ramps can serve as a roll-off barrier in residential applications with a travel of 60 inches or less or can be used in conjunction with a platform gate. Commercial applications using a flip-up ramp and platform gate will require a power gate operator to meet current code requirements.

Symmetry Wheelchair Lift at Upper Landing showing Flip-Up Ramp
VPL-RL application in Ivory, without platform gate, with ramp retracted
VPL-UL application in Ivory, with platform gate, with flip-up ramp deployed
Typically 2 ½ inches tall and 15 inches long, Symmetry’s flip-up ramps are manufactured with durable steel and are available in custom lengths to fit your needs. Flip-up ramps automatically deploy or retract when entering or exiting the lower landing.

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