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Entrance Doors for Vertical Platform Lifts

One of the most critical aspects of a vertical platform lift (VPL) shaft is the entrance. With the safety of the rider being of the utmost importance, the entrance door is required by code to be flush to the interior of the shaft.

The push handles and footrests are the farthest projections of a typical wheelchair, by maintaining flush surfaces throughout the interior travel distance of the hoistway, there are no points for either of these parts to catch on the hoistway, protecting the chair and rider. 

Common VPL Entrance Doors

There is a wide variety of doors available to you. Common options where the door is flush to the interior are:

Door Style

1 ½ hr Fire Rated B Label


Wood Door and Frame



Metal Door and Frame



Wood Door and Metal Frame



42 inch tall door and frame


Not available

Wood or Metal Doors and Frames for VPLs

A solid wood frame is provided with a solid core door slab and a veneer face. There are many wood species available. If you choose to have a fire rated wood door, the door frame must be metal.

Symmetry Vertical Platform Lift Shaftway Door in Wood with Window

VPL Entrance Doors with Windows

If windows are installed into a non-rated door, the window will typically be a clear glass panel.  If a window is installed on a fire rated door, the window will have wire mesh inside the glass to meet the fire rating.

Symmetry Vertical Platform Lift Shaftway Metal Door and Frame with Window

Ordering VPL Entrance Doors

Doors for a VPL shaft are not easily sourced, so getting them from your elevator contractor is typically the easiest way to ensure a code compliant installation. Contact a local elevator contractor to answer any questions you have and to assist in determining the best doors for your application. 

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