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What are Vertical Platform and Wheelchair Lifts?

A Vertical Wheelchair Lift or Vertical Platform Lift (VPL) is an accessibility device which provides versatility for use in either commercial or residential applications. Vertical lifts are designed to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and come in a variety of configurations to accommodate the need of almost any location.

Vertical Platform Lifts for a Variety of Applications

A variety of lift models exist and each provides unique benefits. Following are brief explanations of the types of Vertical Wheelchair Lifts available. To receive more information, click the lift type or contact a local elevator company.

Residential Lift – A residential lift is specifically manufactured for residential applications. Residential lifts may utilize flip up ramps and shorter side walls than their commercial counterparts.

Unenclosed Lift – An unenclosed vertical platform lift is available for lift heights up to 60″ and requires little or no site modification. It is an ideal solution when space or cost is a primary consideration.

Enclosed Lift – Enclosed lifts provide an ideal solution for vertical wheelchair lift applications on the exterior wall of a building.

Shaftway Lift – A shaftway vertical platform lift is designed for enclosed applications at travel heights up to 168” and is primarily utilized to provide an accessibility solution when a shaftway is already in place.

Hybrid Lift – A hybrid lift looks and feels like an elevator but operates like a lift. Hybrid lifts feature a full-height car, non-load bearing ceiling and a variety of optional features and finishes. A hybrid is typically available at a lower price point than a commercial elevator and is favored for settings like churches and small office buildings.

Available Customizations for Vertical Wheelchair Lifts

Regardless of the type of Vertical Wheelchair Lift selected, there are a number of items that can be customized to adapt the lift to its location. The options may vary based upon the model, but there is typically the ability to adjust the configuration of the entrance/exit, size of the platform, color of the lift and even the material and size of the door/gate.

Which Vertical Wheelchair Lift Should I Use?

To determine which type of lift is appropriate for your project, talk to a local elevator company prior to construction. These individuals are well-versed on local code requirements and can assist you in selecting the most appropriate application for your specific situation.

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  1. Thanks for the information on the different kinds of wheelchair lifts, it was very helpful in making a decision. It’s great the wheelchair lifts are so versatile since every home is different, I’d imagine there are some tough places to get to. My grandma is planning on having a lift put in her home, I will be sure to share my findings with her.


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