Wheelchair Elevators for Your Home

It is quite simple to have an elevator installed in any home and customized to meet your needs. If the elevator is for use by an individual in a wheelchair, there are specific things that you should consider prior to purchase.

Size and Style of the Wheelchair

The current and future fit of the wheelchair is an important consideration when planning your personal elevator. A wheelchair can be a short or long-term mobility device. Some wheelchairs are designed simply to aid in movement with the assistance of another person, while others allow for leg or arm powered movement. Still others are designed for individuals with little to no use of their limbs. Some wheelchairs have the ability to stand up, while others recline. These different styles of wheelchairs require different floor spaces and turning radii. Once you have considered the current wheelchair, do not forget that with some conditions, the wheelchair style may change in the future.

Home Elevator Configuration

The best way to proceed with a wheelchair elevator in your home is to understand the nuances of the wheelchair and design around them. The elevator must fit into the residence both physically and aesthetically. The approach to the elevator must take into consideration the space required for the wheelchair.

  • The entrance to the elevator must be wide enough for the wheelchair to pass through.
  • The floor space of the elevator must be large enough to contain the wheelchair user and sometimes an attendant.
  • The exit configuration of the elevator should be considered. The conventional exit configuration for a residential elevator is to enter and exit from the same side, for a wheelchair user this means they will either back on or back off the elevator. The best solution for a wheelchair user is to enter on one side and exit the opposite. Due to the turning radius of the wheelchair, exiting 90 degrees from the entrance is not advisable.

Customizing Your Home Elevator

In order to create the most appropriate elevator for your individual application, contact your local home elevator company. Prior to your consultation, take the items on the Wheelchair Accessible Elevator Planning Guide into consideration. With this information in hand, your home elevator company can assist you in the planning and creation of an elevator that will work best for your current and future situation.

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