Planning an Elevator for Home Use

Residential Elevator for Home Use Straight Through Configuration

You may be among the many homeowners who are considering the addition of an elevator for home use. Whether a retrofit to your existing residence or a part of new construction, you will be glad to know that you can select from a variety of options when personalizing your elevator for aesthetics and function. While both aspects are essential, the foundational component to initial planning is determining the functionality of your elevator.

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Small Elevators for Homes

Are you looking to install an elevator in your home and have questions about how it will fit into your existing space? If you are interested in adding a small home elevator to your current residence, there are a number of items that need to be considered. Because a small elevator can mean different things for different people, we have outlined some of the most common thoughts in regards to home elevators.

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Why Residential Elevators Are NOT DIY

When properly installed and maintained, a home elevator enhances the livability of any residence by providing a convenient means for long-term accessibility. Perhaps you are considering the addition of a residential elevator to boost the value of your property, to provide access to all levels of the home or even as an investment which allows you to stay in your home on a long-term basis.

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Why Get a Home Elevator or Lift?

Why Residential Elevators & Lifts

Modern Home Décor

Years ago, were considered as a luxury item in a home. They were very expensive to install, and would require the elevator to be built with the home, meaning you had to have a brand new home in order to have a completely custom elevator. Howev…

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Personal Home Elevators for One Person are on the Rise

Residential elevator

A patch of land was once limited by a person’s tolerance to ascend stairs. The introduction of a zippy “vertical transportation system” in the 1850s broke through that ceiling.

Elevators impacted the value of top-tier single-family homes, too.

The first residential elevator — a counterweight l…

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