The Ultimate Homeowner’s Guide to Purchasing a Home Elevator

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A house elevator might seem like a substantial investment, but the truth is having an elevator installed in your home doesn’t cost as much as you may think. In fact, depending on the type of residential lift or elevator you choose, you may not even have to alter your home’s basic layout or floor plan.

An elevator is an investment that dramatically improves your quality of life, especially if you need help navigating different floors.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything that goes into purchasing the right elevator for your home, from comparing the different types of elevators available to what to look for in your warranty.

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Step by Step Guide to Installing Your Home Elevator

Residential Elevator Installed by Local Home Elevator Company

According to AARP, more than three-quarters of adults over 50 prefer to age in place rather than move to an older-adult community. Residential elevators allow homeowners with mobility issues to access their entire homes conveniently and comfortably.

But unfortunately, many older Americans don’t consider in-home elevators because they’re intimidated by the elevator installation cost and process. While home elevators are complex systems, getting one installed can be simple and affordable.

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Home Elevator Design

Custom Designed Symmetry Home Elevator

The elevator car is the most customizable portion of a residential elevator. This component of the elevator will set the tone of the entire project, and justly so, will affect the home elevator cost. So where should you start with the interior design of your home elevator? There are items that every elevator car will have, and most of them can be customized. So let’s explore the components of the car and what can be done with them.

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