Home Elevator Accordion Doors

Accordion Gate with Clear Acrylic in Home Elevator

Providing safety and style, home elevator accordion doors are available in a variety of standard and optional laminate panels, as well as Unfinished matching Hardwood veneer, Acrylic and Aluminum.

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Symmetry Safety 3-Panel Home Elevator Door

Symmetry Safety Door in standard Black with optional vision panels

The Symmetry Safety 3-Panel Home Elevator Door, offered exclusively by Symmetry, is one of the most reliable home elevator car doors on the market. It is available in multiple finishes to coordinate with any home.

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Home Elevator Door Space Guards

Symmetry Elevator Door Baffles

The addition of a space guard or door baffle—installed between the hoistway door and elevator car gate/door—provides an extra measure of protection to your home elevator.

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Home Elevator Cars with Windows

Symmetry Home Elevator Glass Walls

Symmetry home elevator cars are available with windows. Adding a window to your elevator allows a scenic view when your hoistway has a glass wall, windows or even a painted mural.

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Wood Fixtures for Home Elevator Customization

Wood Fixtures for Home Elevators

Symmetry residential elevator fixtures are available in a wide variety of materials. An array of wood species allows for matching or contrasting the finish of the elevator car and augments the tone of your decor.

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Elevator Handrail Options

Symmetry Home Elevator Vintage Bronze Handrail

Symmetry offers a variety of handrails for residential elevators. Designed to be durable and stylish, our handrails will be sure to complement the decor of your elevator.

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Symmetry Home Elevator Customization: Chair Rail

Symmetry Home Elevator Option Chair Rail

Symmetry Residential Elevator cars are available with decorative chair rails. Available in a variety of wood
species, our chair rails are custom designed to match the decor and ambiance of your home, as well as protect the integrity of your elevator walls.

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