Cibes Home Lifts & Commercial Lifts

A Home Lift with the Look of an Elevator

Symmetry is pleased to partner with Cibes Lift Group and offer their home lift products to you.

Cibes Lift is a world-leading manufacturer whose lifts use a smart, modular concept that can adapt to any architectural style, with minimal structural impact to your home or business.

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The Cibes Home Lift Advantages

  • Space-Saving Lift Construction
  • EcoSilent Technology
  • 360 degree panoramic view
  • Suitable for public, commercial or private settings
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Rated Speed 30 fpm
  • Minimal Home Alterations
  • No Pit or Machine Room Required
The Cibes home lifts modular concept allows for reduced installation time.

Reduced Installation Time

The Cibes Lift is a modular concept where the shaft is included as part of the lift, often reducing installation time and construction costs.

EcoSilent Technology

To ensure quiet and energy-efficient operation, the EcoSilent drive blends in with the sounds of everyday life and reduces energy consumption of your lift by 45%, compared to a non-EcoSilent drive.

The EcoSilent drive system uses sustainable technology
Cibes platform lifts use a screw driven drive system

Rated Speed - 30 feet per minute

Typical vertical lifts travel from 10-20 feet per minute. The Cibes lift products allow for up to 30 feet per minute.

Create Your Unique Lift Design

Choose from multiple platform sizes, and endless color options to make the Cibes Lift a beautiful, yet functional, design element in your home.

The Cibes A4000 compact design allows it to fit in spaces as small as a closet

Cibes A4000

The super slim design of the Cibes A4000 allows it to fit nearly anywhere.

  • 660 pounds rated capacity
  • Space-efficient
  • Minimal building alterations
  • Works with normal household electricity
Use a platform lift to allow patrons to go from one floor to another in your business establishment

Cibes A5000

The Cibes A5000 platform lift may be used in residential or commercial settings. 

  • 880 pounds rated capacity
  • Larger platform options 
  • Works with normal household electricity
  • Outdoor applications available 
Cibes Air with Metal platform option

Cibes Air

All the sizes of the A4000 and A5000, with even more customization available.

  • Customizable platform design
  •  Handrail with integrated buttons
  • Front panel with backlight
  • Angled display
  • Residential only

Cibes Air Home Lift

The Cibes Air enhances your comfort while allowing you the freedom to create a custom lift design perfect for you and your home.

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