Home Elevator Flush Frames & Door Packages

Home Elevator Flush Frames & Door Packages

The Symmetry home elevator flush frames and door packages are an excellent way for your residential elevator to complement your home’s decor while increasing safety by reducing the space between the gate and door.

To those for whom hoistway door compliance to the new ASME A17.1 (2016) requirements is mandatory, a Symmetry Flush Frame or Flush Door Package provides the perfect solution.

Home Elevator Flush Frame and Door Package by Symmetry
Symmetry Home Elevator Flush Door Package Open Right - shown in Standard Red Oak hardwood

If you desire to hang your own door in this space, you can order a flush frame only, just specify the hinge size and locations.

Standard Features

Residential Elevator Latch Guard Exterior View
Latch Guard, Exterior View - shown with standard Vintage Bronze finish.
Electronic Interlock for Home Elevator
Electronic (EMDL) Interlock - shown in standard White, this feature ensures the elevator will not move unless all hall doors are closed and locked.


Home Elevator Delay Action Door Closure
Delay Action Door Closure - allows the door to "self close" slowly, with measured resistance.
Home Elevator Door Handle
Dummy Handle - shown in Brushed Stainless Steel.
Power Door Operator for Home Elevator
Power Door Operator - ADA-compliant operator allows for automatic opening and closing of the door when the elevator arrives at a landing. Adjustable 5- to 60-second delay.
Roller Ball Catch for Residential Elevator Door
Roller Ball Catch (left) - in Vintage Bronze, helps keep the door in the closed position.
Recessed Pull (right) - in Vintage Bronze, assists in closing the door from the inside.

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