Elevator Safety Code Update

Elevator Safety Code Update

ASME A17.1 (2016 and newer) for Residential Applications
Download the Elevator Safety Code Update here.

The national ASME A17.1 code is a voluntary safety standard prepared by elevator and engineering professionals. It is used to dictate the safest laws with which installations should comply.

Securing the space between the hoistway door and the car gate/door

In 2016, the Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators (ASME A17.1) was updated adopting the new 3/4″ x 4″ rule. The changes went into effect on May 30, 2017. This rule was amended to eliminate a potentially unsafe gap between the hoistway door and car gate/door, which could result in serious injury if the space is not protected by some other means.

At Symmetry, safety is our top priority. All proposed residential elevator configurations will be designed to reduce the space between landing doors and car gates/doors.

Symmetry Home Elevator Safety Update image

Your Symmetry Elevator is designed and produced to fully comply with this most recent version of the national code.

These code revisions require the following:

  • The space between a closed hoistway landing door and car gate/door, must reject a 4″ diameter ball at all points.
  • The distance between the hoistway landing door and the edge of the landing door sill shall not exceed 3/4″.
  • Any car gate/door must withstand a force of 75 lbs. without permanent deformation or displacing the car gate/door from its guide/tracks.
Elevator Safety Dimensions Update

Symmetry Safety Features

For new installation

Symmetry offers a variety of hoistway door and car gate/door packages to comply with the ASME A17.1 (2016 and newer) code requirements to the 3/4″ x 4″ rule. Contact your local Symmetry representative for more elevator details.

Symmetry Safety
3-Panel Door

Symmetry Safety 3 Panel Door

Two or Three
Speed Doors

inside view of stainless steel three speed door


Symmetry Accordion Door

Flush Mount Landing
Door/Frame Package

Symmetry Flush Mount Landing Door/Frame Package (door by others)

Additional protection for existing installations

A door baffle and/or a light curtain are options to bring an existing installation, installed prior to ASME A17.1 (2016 and newer), up to the standards of the 2016 and newer code. A door baffle is a way to reduce the space between the car gate/door and the hoistway door. The light curtain is used to detect an obstruction in the space between the car gate/door and the hoistway door and prevents the elevator from leaving the landing if an obstruction is detected.

Door Baffle

Plastic Space Guard

Light Curtain

Light Curtain
For any additional information or to get assistance in selecting the best option for your project, contact your local Symmetry representative today.