Machine Room-Less Elevator - Inline Gear Drive

Machine Room-Less Elevator

Think you don’t have space to install a home elevator?

The Symmetry Inline Gear Drive system does not require a machine room — saving you space and money without sacrificing your safety.

This machine room-less elevator system runs at a speed of 40 feet per minute, has a rated capacity of 1,000 pounds and features our standard ‘exclusive’ additions, including emergency battery-operated lowering, COP and hall stations digital position indicators, custom wood sills and energy-efficient LED lighting.

An optionally equipped battery backup system allows the elevator to travel up to next level of egress in the case of a power failure (up to 40’0″ at 20 feet per minute).

Find a local Symmetry machine room-less elevator dealer to discuss your needs!


* Denotes exclusive features
** Not available in all jurisdictions, contact the local authority having jurisdiction
†  Depends upon the package ordered
‡  Availability depends on the code year
§ Standard finish is Brushed Stainless Steel, but multiple finishes available.

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