Luxury Redefined

Symmetry's Luxury Home Elevator

The Symmetry residential elevator, LUXURY REDEFINED, is designed as a heavy-duty luxury elevator. With its single-touch operation, and smooth operating fully automatic side sliding doors, it makes operation of your luxury home elevator – effortless!

With the perfect combination of form and function, this elevator utilizes the hydraulic and structural components of a small commercial elevator. Fully customizable interiors, finishes, and fixtures, this elevator boasts a full array of home style and décor integration.


LUXURY REDEFINED comes with your choice of hydraulic drive systems:

  • 1,000 pound rated capacity with up to 7 stops, 50’0″ of travel, and a travel speed of 40 feet per minute
  • 1,400 pound rated capacity with up to 6 stops, 46’5″ of travel, and your choice of:
    • Travel speed of 30 feet per minute, 3 horsepower motor
    • Travel speed of 40 feet per minute, 5 horsepower motor

LUXURY REDEFINED is a fully code compliant automated elevator and may come with automatic “commercial style” doors. The wide selection of car finishes and options ensures that it will blend into any setting.

Find a local Symmetry luxury elevator dealer to discuss your needs!