Pitless Home Elevator

Pitless Elevator from Symmetry

Designed for hoistways that will not allow for a pit due to existing site conditions, the Symmetry pitless elevator may be just what’s needed for your application.

This feature is only available for the Inline Gear Drive and Winding Drum Drive applications, with a front opening car.


The car flooring and finishing shown is by others and required a 2 ½” threshold ramp

  • Travel: Maximum of 50’0″ (minimum 12 inches between stops)
  • Speed: 40 feet per minute
  • Rated Capacity: 1,000 pounds
  • Pit depth: 0 (1-3/4 inch threshold ramp)
  • Overhead minimum of 8’0″ (96 inches) with remote controller (for Inline Gear Drive)
  • Overhead minimum of 9’0″ with controller in hoistway with a 7’0″ interior car height** (for Inline Gear Drive)
  • Overhead minimum of 7’10” (94 inches) (for Winding Drum Drive)
  • Two stops
  • Single front opening
  • Three-year limited parts warranty
  • 208/230 VAC, 60 Hz, 20 amp, single-phase power supply for motor controller
  • 120 VAC, 60 hertz, 15 amp, single-phase power supply
  • Code-compliant electrical disconnects included*
  • Inverter-controlled variable speed Inline Gear Drive unit with counterweight and 2 horsepower motor (for Inline Gear Drive)
  • Inverter-controlled variable speed geared assembly with Winding Drum Drive unit and 3 horsepower motor (for Winding Drum Drive)
  • Two #60 roller chains (9,9200 pound breaking strength) (for Inline Gear Drive)
  • Two 3/8″ 7×19 galvanized aircraft cables (14,400 pound breaking strength) (for Winding Drum Drive)
  • Car frame assembly
  • Modular 6-1/4 pound T-rail structure
  • Manual lowering device
  • Slack chain safety device (for Inline Gear Drive)
  • Slack rope safety device (for Winding Drum Drive)
  • Two upper and one lower final limits
  • Machine stop switch (for Inline Gear Drive)
  • Motor controller supply disconnects (located in controller)
  • Car light supply disconnects (located in controller)
  • Pit stop switch
  • Car-top stop switch
  • In-car emergency stop switch and alarm
  • Safety switch for car gate(s)
  • Battery backup emergency car lights and alarm
  • Electro-mechanical hoistway door interlocks (doors by others)
  • Light curtain monitoring the car entrance†
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Non-selective collective automatic operation
  • S.M.A.R.T. system (Self-Monitoring Alert Response Technology)*
  • Car Operating Panel (COP) with LED floor position indicator §
  • Recessed phone box (phone jack included) §
  • Hall stations with call buttons and LED floor position indicators §
  • Automatic car lighting
  • Single floor designated car homing
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for car lowering and automatic car gate/door operation (if provided) in the event of a power failure*
  • Car size up to 15 square feet
  • 7’0” interior car height
  • Birch, Oak or Maple flat veneer interior walls with flat ceiling*
  • Matching wood handrail
  • Flooring: Metal platform formed around the car frame with integrated sill
  • Two energy-saving recessed LED lights with Black trim rings
  • Light Oak, Birch or White 7’0” laminate accordion door
  • Up to six stops
  • Single automatic push-button operation
  • Shaker or Recessed panel car with flat ceiling
  • Shaker, Recessed or Raised panel car with matching ceiling
  • Four recessed LED lights with Black, Polished Brass, Brushed Nickel or Bronze trim rings
  • Factory-finished car
  • Polished Stainless Steel, Polished or Brushed Brass, Black, Vintage Bronze and Oil-Rubbed Brass fixtures (including COPs, phone boxes, hall calls and handrails)
  • COP with integrated keypad phone
  • Custom wood interiors
  • Custom factory finish, Distressed*
  • “Green” material alternatives and finishes for car interiors*
  • Key switch for COP and/or hall stations
  • Rated capacity: 750 lbs.
  • Hardwood veneer accordion door
  • Clear acrylic panel accordion door
  • Automatic car gate/door operator

NOTE: Accordion doors will have Bronze hardware except on White, Chalk or Antique White doors. Acrylic doors will have Clear hardware when Stainless Steel or Black fixtures are provided.

* Denotes exclusive features
** Not available in all jurisdictions, contact the local authority having jurisdiction
†  Depends upon the package ordered
‡  Availability depends on the code year
§ Standard finish is brushed stainless steel, but multiple finishes available.

Any information contained on this site is intended for informational purposes only and should NOT be used for construction.
Please contact your Local Symmetry dealer for project specific information and drawings.