Limited Use/Limited Application Elevator Options

Customize Your LU/LA Elevator

limited use/limited application elevator featuresThe Elevation LU/LA (Limited Use/Limited Application) elevator is the select product for your project. Leading the industry in quality, style and design, the Symmetry Elevation is engineered and designed for limited commercial as well as residential use.

View the interior, fixture and door/gate options below. 

For more information about the customization of your limited use/limited application elevator please contact your local Symmetry Dealer.

Interior Options

  • LU/LA Elevator cab options - Cherry
  • LU/LA Elevator cab options - Alder
  • LU/LA Elevator cab options - Birch
  • LU/LA Elevator cab options - Maple
  • LU/LA Elevator cab options - Hickory
  • LU/LA Elevator cab options - Walnut
  • LU/LA Elevator cab options - Oak
  • LU/LA Elevator cab options - Mahogany
  • LU/LA Elevator cab options - White Oak


  • LU/LA Elevator Stain options - Clear Coat
  • LU/LA Elevator Stain options - Country Pine
  • LU/LA Elevator Stain options - Golden Oak
  • LU/LA Elevator Stain options - Traditional Cherry

Car Panel Options

  • LU/LA Cap panel options - Flat Panel
  • LU/LA Cap panel options - Shaker Panel
  • LU/LA Cap panel options - Raised Panel
  • LU/LA Cap panel options - Recessed Panel
  • LU/LA Cap panel options - Steel Panel

Metal Finishes

  • LU/LA Metal Finishes options - Black
  • LU/LA Metal Finishes options - Gray
  • LU/LA Metal Finishes options - Vintage Bronze
  • LU/LA Metal Finishes options - Ivory
  • LU/LA Metal Finishes options - Brushed Stainless Steel
  • LU/LA Metal Finishes options - White