Symmetry Home Elevator Brochures

The sheer amount of information on home elevators can be overwhelming. To make it easier for you to make informed decisions, Symmetry offers a range of helpful brochures and home elevator design guides.

Symmetry Residential Brochure

Looking for general information on home elevators? Start with our Symmetry Home Elevators Brochure for an overview of the many styles, finishes, and features you can choose for your residential  elevator, including panel styles, doors and gates, lights, and car operating panels.

Symmetry Shaftless Home Elevators Brochure

Shaftless home elevators are compact units that don’t skimp on attractive design and custom features. Our Shaftless Home Elevator Brochure inspires while outlining the dimensions needed to install these stylish elevators. If you want more information on the design features of our shaftless home elevators, take a look at the Symmetry Elevators Shaftless Design Guide.

Cibes Home Lift Brochure - A4000 and A5000 Models

The Cibes Home Lift modular, space-saving design fits seamlessly into your home or business with minimal structural impact. Looks like a home elevator while functions like a lift.

Cibes Air Home Lift Brochure
The Cibes Air Home Lift allows for even more customization while still offering the same great space-saving design that fits seamlessly into your home.
Symmetry Inline Gear Drive Brochure

An inline gear drive elevator is a type of machine room-less elevator designed with small spaces in mind. Capable of fitting where other elevators cannot, an inline gear drive elevator has a car size of up to fifteen square feet and can blend seamlessly with your decor. Find out more in our Inline Gear Drive Brochure.

Symmetry Hydraulic Drive Brochure

With more standard features than any other elevator, the Symmetry Hydraulic Drive is an industry leader. Rated for a carrying capacity of 1,000 pounds and traveling at speeds of forty feet per minute, the Symmetry Hydraulic Drive elevator offers one of the quietest rides on the market. If you’re looking for information on home elevators, our Hydraulic Drive Brochure is an excellent starting point.

Symmetry Winding Drum Drive Brochure

Winding Drum Drive elevators incorporate time-tested mechanical systems with cutting-edge technology to produce one of the most popular home elevators on the market. Explore the many options and customizable features of Symmetry’s industry-leading winding drum elevator in our Winding Drum Drive Brochure.

Symmetry Pitless Elevator Sales Sheet

Designed for hoistways where existing site conditions prohibit pit installation, the Symmetry Pitless Elevator has all the features and design options you could desire and is available for both Inline Gear and Winding Drum Drive applications. Explore your design options in our Pitless Elevator Brochure.

Symmetry Elevator Car Panel Options

Check out our Elevator Car Panel Options Brochure. This full-color home elevator brochure gives you a sneak peek at the different elevator car panel options available through Symmetry, including flat panels, Shaker panels, recessed panels, and raised panels.

Symmetry Safety 3-Panel Door Brochure

A Symmetry exclusive, our 3-Panel Safety Door is one of the most reliable elevator car doors on the residential elevator market. Explore the Symmetry Safety 3-Panel Door Brochure to understand how this exclusive door works and to see the door’s available color options.

Symmetry Safety 3-Panel Door Brochure
Two and Three-Speed Doors have the look of a commercial elevator. These traditional-looking doors come in a range of custom finishes to match your home’s decor, including framed safety glass panels and brushed stainless steel. Explore the style and convenience of traditional elevator doors in our Two and Three-Speed Doors Brochure.
Symmetry Safety 3-Panel Door Brochure
The Accordion door is one of our most popular door choices and is a standard feature on Symmetry Residential Elevators. Check out our Accordion Doors Brochure to see our multiple panel options and learn about the Accordion Door’s automatic door operation.
Residential Elevator Design Guide
The residential elevators design guide will help you develop and design a residential elevator for your new or existing home. This guide is for planning purposes only and is not intended for construction purposes. Call 877-568-5804 to find a local Symmetry dealer to assist you.

After viewing our elevator design guides and brochures, contact a local Symmetry dealer to discuss your elevator needs and find more information on home elevators.

Any information contained on this site is intended for informational purposes only and should NOT be used for construction. Please contact your Local Symmetry dealer for project specific information and drawings.