Shaftless Home Elevators

Symmetry Shaftless Home Elevators

The Symmetry Shaftless Home Elevator’s sleek and compact design makes adding an elevator to your home easier and more affordable than ever.

With minimal home alterations needed, the shaftless elevator is an ideal solution to get you from floor to floor in your existing two-story home.

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The Symmetry Shaftless Home Elevator Advantages

  • For New or Existing Construction
  • Minimal Home Alterations
  • Uses Standard 120 VAC Outlet
  • No Pit or Machine Room Required
  • Clear View from 3 Sides
  • Reaches up to 14′ Between Landings
  • Integrated Sliding Door
  • 3-Year Warranty
Symmetry Products are Made in the U.S.A.

Shopping for a Shaftless Home Elevator?

While there are many benefits to a shaftless elevator, such as its space-saving design, you may be surprised at all the options that you should consider.

Read our blog post 5 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Shaftless Home Elevator.

Symmetry Shaftless Home Elevator
Symmetry Shaftless Home Elevator in Standard Grey with Integrated Sliding Door Closed
Standard Symmetry Shaftless Home Elevator

Shaftless Home Elevator Standard Features

  • Rated Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Speed: 14 fpm
  • Stops: 2
  • Opening: Single Front
  • Drive System: Winding Drum
  • Power: Battery system charged by standard 120 VAC electrical circuit
  • Battery power allows travel during power outages
  • Travel: Up to 10′ (minimum 84″)
  • Car Size: 33″W x 35″D x 76″H
  • Slimline phone
  • Flip down seat
  • Overhead: 92½” minimum
  • Lighting: (2) low voltage Warm White with Black trim rings
  • Finish: Grey or Architectural White powder-coat
  • Vision Panels: Clear polycarbonate
  • Entry: Integrated sliding door
  • Floor cutout liner kit
  • Integral handrail
  • Carpet: Grey or Tan
  • Warranty: 3-year (2-year on batteries)

Shaftless Home Elevator Controls

  • Operation: Constant Pressure
  • Car Operating Panel (COP): Up/down buttons, emergency stop, alarm, and light switch 
  • Landing Controls: Flush mounted with up/down buttons
  • Communication: Telephone located in the car (must be wired to home phone line)
Symmetry Shaftless Home Elevator Hall Call
Hall Call
Emergency Stop Switch
on Car Operating Panel

Shaftless Home Elevator Safety Features

  • Pressure sensitive safety system
  • Car door locking device
  • Emergency stop switch and alarm

Shaftless Home Elevator Optional Features

  • Optional front opening car size
    •  33″W x 26″D x 76″H
  • Optional single side or opposite opening
    • 33″W x 39″D x 76″H
  • Travel: 14′ maximum
  • Custom colors available
  • Remote control fob
  • Lighting: [4] low voltage Warm White
  • Lighting: Chrome or White trim rings
  • Keyswitch on COP and/or Hall Calls
  • Metal or wood handrail
  • Minimal anchoring package, anchors to floor, upper floor joists, and ceiling (semi free standing)
Symmetry Shaftless Elevator Renderings with Optional Configurations
Optional Single Side or Opposite Opening Configurations

Shaftless Home Elevators

The Symmetry Shaftless Home Elevator’s sleek and compact design makes adding an elevator to your home easier and more affordable than ever. Installing a shaftless elevator requires only minimal home alterations and provides full access to your existing two-story home, allowing you to maintain your independence and age in place.

What is a Shaftless Home Elevator?

A shaftless elevator for home use is designed to travel through a single floor opening. Unlike larger elevators, a shaftless elevator does not require a shaftway, elevator pit, or machine room, giving the elevator a very small installation footprint. Also unlike other home elevators, shaftless elevators are operated using push-and-hold buttons. Sensors on the top and bottom of the elevator detect possible obstructions, safely stopping the elevator if any objects are detected.

Symmetry Shaftless Home Elevator Advantages

Symmetry shaftless home elevators use a winding drum drive and have a rated capacity of 400 lbs. and come with a range of customizable options. Beneficial features of shaftless home elevators include: 

  • Battery power to allow up to ten trips during power outages
  • No pit or machine room required
  • Clear view from three sides
  • Integrated sliding door
  • Integral handrail
  • Spacious car size: 33″W x 35″D x 76″H
  • Slimline phone
  • Flip down seat
  • 3-Year warranty (2-years for batteries)

How Much Does a Shaftless Home Elevator Cost?

Shaftless home elevator prices vary depending on the options and customizable features you choose. On average, a shaftless elevator costs less than other home elevator models because shaftless models are smaller and require far fewer modifications to your home during installation. 

Shaftless home elevator costs range from $15,000 to $30,000 plus any applicable construction costs.

Affordable Shaftless Home Elevators from Symmetry Elevators

Affordable, safe, and easy to use, a Symmetry shaftless home elevator restores independence to people with mobility issues, helps seniors age in place, and adds interest to your home. Browse our Shaftless Elevator brochure to explore the possibilities, and then contact a local Symmetry dealer to discuss your home elevator needs!

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