Shaftless Home Elevator Brochure

Symmetry Shaftless Home Elevators Brochure

Symmetry offers the most customizable shaftless home elevator on the market. View the Shaftless Elevator brochure now.

A Symmetry shaftless home elevator is an excellent solution for homes which lack the space for an elevator hoistway, machine room, and pit. A shaftless elevator for home use requires very little space and can be installed with minimal modifications to your existing floor plan. 

Shaftless home elevators come in a standard car size of 33” x 35” x 76”, with the option of a larger 33” x 39” x 76”. Designed for travel between two floors, a shaftless elevator ensures safety during operation with a pressure sensitive safety system that stops the elevator should any obstruction block the car’s path, while elevator occupants have a clear view of all three sides. In the event of power outages, battery backup power ensures you’ll be able to exit the elevator. 

Just because a shaftless home elevator is compact doesn’t limit your custom options. From car doors and finishes to fixtures, accent panels, and lighting options, you’ll be able to customize your shaftless elevator so it blends with your home decor. 

Check out the Symmetry Shaftless Home Elevator Brochure for more information, then contact your local Symmetry dealer to discuss whether a shaftless elevator for home use is the right choice for your needs.

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