Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair Lifts and Vertical Platform Lifts

Symmetry’s vertical platform lifts, wheelchair lifts, are a great mobility product from people who understand that multiple floors don’t have to be an obstacle.

Manufactured by Bella Elevator, these vertical platform lifts stand out with simple operation, reliable function, and custom design options that are virtually limitless.

Meets ADA Requirements

Vertical platform lifts are approved in the ADA Accessibility Guidelines as a means to provide unassisted entry and exit from buildings, service or recreational facilities. Built in accordance with ASME A18.1. They also meet A17.1 Access requirements.

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Symmetry Vertical Platform Lifts

Residential lifts eliminate the barrier that stairs can cause for people with limited mobility.

Unenclosed vertical platform lifts require little or no site modifications and can be used in a residential or commercial setting.

The Enclosed Lift is A18.1 code-compliant and designed for ease of installation. Can be used as a residential lift or in a commercial application.

A shaftway vertical lift is designed for enclosed shaftway applications in public and private facilities at travel heights up to 168″.

The Symmetry Enclosed Lift Plexi-glass vertical platform lift is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in Acme Screw and Hydraulic drive systems.

The Hybrid vertical platform lift looks and feels like an elevator, but operates like a lift. It’s available in many different sizes and configurations.

Wheelchair Lifts

Symmetry’s wheelchair lifts are ideal for people who want full access to all levels of their home without the need for extensive renovations. Manufactured by Bella Elevator, our wheelchair stair lifts stand out from the competition with their simple operational controls, reliable functions, and extensive custom design options.

What’s the Difference between a Wheelchair Lift and a Home Elevator?

A wheelchair lift for home use typically features an open car with panels on either side of the lift platform, although some platforms may be enclosed by surrounding walls or shafts. This makes the installation of wheelchair lifts less intrusive than residential elevator installation, which often require space for a shaft, elevator pit, and/or machine room. 

Wheelchair Platform Lifts and ADA Requirements

Wheelchair lifts are approved in the ADA Accessibility Guidelines as a means to provide unassisted entry and exit from buildings, service, or recreational facilities. Built in accordance with ASME A18.1., Symmetry wheelchair lifts also meet A17.1 Access requirements.

Types of Symmetry Wheelchair Lifts

Symmetry offers a range of wheelchair lifts for sale:

  • Residential Wheelchair Stair Lifts: Usually installed next to stairs, residential wheelchair lifts require few installation modifications. 

  • Unenclosed Wheelchair Stair Lifts: Unenclosed wheelchair stair lifts are designed to provide vertical assistance to and from porches, decks, landscape elevation changes, and different floors in homes. Unenclosed lifts require few to no site modifications during installation. 

  • Enclosed Wheelchair Lifts: An enclosed wheelchair lift is similar to a residential lift, except the lift system is enclosed by wall panels. 

  • Shaftway Vertical Lifts: A shaftway vertical wheelchair lift is built into a shaftway similar to those used for home elevators. 

  • Enclosed Plexi-Glass Wheelchair Lifts: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this type of wheelchair lift is surrounded by a plexi-glass enclosure. 

  • Hybrid Wheelchair Lifts: A hybrid lift has the look and feel of a home elevator, but operates like a wheelchair lift. 

How Much is a Wheelchair Lift?

Wheelchair lift prices vary depending on the lift type, accessories, and custom design choices. Because vertical lifts require fewer on-site modifications during installation, they cost less than home elevators. Home elevator prices range from $18,000 to $100,000, while prices for wheelchair lifts start at $4,000 and increase depending on model specifications and customized options. 

Which Wheelchair Lift is Right for You?

Browse Symmetry Elevator’s wheelchair lift design gallery to get an idea of how a vertical lift will look in your home or facility, and check out our vertical platform lift product brochures to learn more about the specifications for wheelchair home lifts. When you’re ready, contact your local Symmetry Elevator dealer to explore how we can help you meet your vertical assistance needs.