Material Lift (ML)

Symmetry Material Lift

Symmetry Material Lifts are an excellent solution for moving boxes, carts, and other hard-to-lift items from one floor to the next. Our material lift meets the ASME B20.1 Code for Safety Standards for Conveyors and Related Equipment.

Symmetry Material Lifts ARE NOT rated for passengers or riders.

  • 1,000-pound capacity
  • Speed: 10-20 feet per minute (Acme Screw Drive); 17-20 feet per minute (Hydraulic Drive)
  • Lifting height: 14’0” maximum (Acme Screw and Hydraulic Drives at 1,000-pound capacity); 20’0” maximum (Hydraulic Drive at 750-pound capacity)
  • Steel construction with powder-coated finish
  • LED diagnostics
  • Top-mounted motor and controller (Acme Screw Drive)
  • ETL-listed controller
  • Top cap switch (Acme Screw Drive)
  • Shaftway or Enclosed models only
  • Constant-pressure controls provided at each landing
  • Two stops
  • 42″ sidewall height
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Warning signs
  • Safety chains for both ends of the platform
  • Key switches (all controls)
  • Side wall extension with removable top
  • Landing interlocks
  • Manual lowering wrench
  • Three or four stops
  • Non-skid platform surface
  • 36”W x 48”D
  • 36”W x 54”D
  • 36”W x 60”D
  • 42”W x 60”D
  • Custom Platform Sizes Available: 24 to 36″ wide x 36 to 60″ deep
  • Straight-through
  • 90° adjacent
  • Same side
  • 3-exit platform
  • 42” platform gate
  • 42” landing gate
  • 80” landing gate
  • Non-fire-rated red oak door
  • Fire-rated steel door

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