Unenclosed Wheelchair Lift

Vertical Wheelchair Lift - Unenclosed Lift

The unenclosed wheelchair lift or vertical platform lift can be used in a residential or commercial setting. Some common uses for residential platform lifts include porch lifts, landscape elevation change, mobile home decks, or a vertical wheelchair lift to move from one floor to another in a home.

Unenclosed vertical platform lifts require little or no site modifications and is an ideal residential accessibility solution when space and costs are the primary concerns.

You will also find these lifts in commercial settings for accessible office entrances, stadium seating or retail mezzanine access.

The Symmetry Model VPL-UL is designed in compliance with ICC/A117.1 NEC and ASME A18.1. The entire Symmetry VPL product line is designed around ADA 4.11 compliance and public and private accessibility.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use in Acme Screw and Hydraulic drive systems.

Contact a local Symmetry unenclosed wheelchair lift dealer to discuss your needs!

* This symbol denotes Symmetry exclusive features
** Available with optional acrylic insert
‡ Also available in other wood choices, by request